Carbide Burs HP Tapered Fissure Flat End Crosscut 702

Manufacturer: SS White | Manufacturing Code: 14889

Brand:SS White
Manufacturer:SS White
Manufacturing Code:14889
Lowest price:$18.90
Carbide Burs - Latch Type:HP
Carbide Burs - Number:702
Carbide Burs - Shape:Tapered Fissure Flat End Crosscut
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SS White monitors and considers many critical factors in the manufacturing process to ensure the consistent, high-quality performance of an SS White Bur. Carefully designed blade structure, rake angle, flute depth and spiral angulation combined with specially formulated tungsten carbide results in the powerful cutting performance. The burs are engineered to deliver the most efficient cutting rate & performance for the most popular procedures. Features and Benefits: • High quality steel combined with a specialized heat treatment • Controlled welding operation • Impressive strength and durability

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