COE-SOFT Jar Refill

Manufacturer: GC America | Manufacturing Code: 344004

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Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:344004
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Contains: One jar (5 lbs) of powder ONLY. COE-SOFT is a resilient, self-curing reline material that is used when the patient requires a soft, temporary liner in upper or lower dentures. COE-SOFT polymerizes in or out of the mouth in approximately 15 minutes. The reline will normally last for approximately 3 months.

No monomers
No exothermic heat or burning sensation
No unpleasant taste or odor
Soft lining
Greater patient comfort
Contains zinc undecylenate
Ideal for post-surgical applications; placement of immediate denture
Mixes in 30 seconds
About 32 applications per package

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