Double Inverted Cone Diamond Bur Medium Grit 806/012M

Manufacturer: Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc. | Manufacturing Code: 806/012M

Brand:Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.
Manufacturer:Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.
Manufacturing Code:806/012M
Lowest price:$12.00
Burs - Diameter:1.2mm
Burs - Grit:Medium
Burs - Number:806
Burs - Quantity:6 Count
Burs - Shape:Double Inverted Cone
Diamond Burs - Grit:Medium
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Strauss Diamond multi use burs are manufactured in our facility in Israel providing enhanced quality. Each bur is hand checked to ensure 100% quality control. Advanced electroplating guarantees a full diamond coverage making each of our burs lifespan longer. Our burs are created for fast cutting and increased efficiency allowing for our doctors to finish their procedure with just one bur. Each package is identified with bur number, grit size and includes 6 per pack.

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