Small Compo-Cover

Manufacturer: Practicon | Manufacturing Code: 53T9017

Manufacturing Code:53T9017
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Turbocharge your cosmetic and ortho bonding procedures! Our exclusive Compo-Covers are proven to prevent any hardening of light-sensitive set-ups for more than 30 minutes. Tested in a busy practice, they allow efficient pre-mixing and dispensing of light-cured resins, and pre-application of light-cured cements to ortho brackets, veneers and more. Ends the need to recap light-cured supplies in mid-procedure. Sturdy acrylic construction blocks all ambient UV and blue light in the critical 400 to 500nm range and disinfects easily (alcohol-base not recommended). Small Compo-Cover fits flat into mini F-size trays and small (4S) disposable trays. 7"L x 4 1/2"W x 1 1/2"H inside.

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