The Ultimate F&P Carbide - Football-Shape #2 (C379) - Refill 5/Pack

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Brand:Finishing & Polishing
Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:555015
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Burs - Number:C379
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Dimensions: Size = .023 mm; Head length = 4.2 mm ONLY. The Ultimate Finishing & Polishing (F&P) Kit is designed for the quick and easy finishing of any composite restoration. The kit contains five carbide finishing burs that can be used in both the anterior and posterior regions of the oral environment for finishing, contouring, shaping, trimming and sculpting composite restorations. The kit also contains three diamond impregnated polishing instruments (cup, disc and point) that can be used to effectively polish and finish composite restoration after any adjustment.

Composite restorations make up a large percentage of clinical treatment alternatives for both anterior and posterior dentition. Achieving natural-looking restorations with GC Composite resin can create the ideal tooth anatomy and morphology for the most discerning dentist. With this product's components, you can easily achieve natural primary (geometric form), secondary (developmental grooves, lobes, cingulum, triangular ridges & fossae) and tertiary (surface texture, pits & fissures) anatomy. Additionally, the logical sequence, in which the carbides and polishers are utilized, will enhance your time efficiency and create the "ultimate" natural looking anterior and posterior composite restorations desired by both you and you patient.

GC America's New 12-Bladed Finishing Carbides (5 in total) are the perfect combination of rotary instruments for finishing and creating composite restorations that will closely resemble natural looking dentition. Also, the TrueTip Safe-End and precision lines of these "one-piece" carbides reduces the incidence of "bur jumping" under load, provide more overall operator control and deliver better cutting efficiency due to the precise concentricity standards that they have been manufactured with. Additionally, the product's carbide burs offer greater control than conventional, spiral-fluted rotary instruments.

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