GPS Dental Products, Inc.

Supply Clinic vendor based in NY

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States in which sales tax applies to GPS Dental Products, Inc. items: FL, NJ, NY, and PA

About GPS Dental Products, Inc.:

Group Practice Solutions (GPS Dental) provides the most commonly used dental supplies and technology to our customers with significant savings. We are able to do this by primarily manufacturing our products under our own brand. This shortens the supply chain and allows us to pass along the savings.

We look forward to working with your practice soon.

Group Practice Solutions (GPS) is focused on providing dental practices with products and services with a focus on savings. The most commonly used dental supplies, technology products (x-ray sensors, intra-oral cameras,& portable x-ray units) and services (patient financing, credit card processing) are the primary offerings from GPS.

GPS Dental Products also sources products directly from the manufacturer for group practices and can private label products for large groups as well.

GPS is continually searching for new products and services that help our customers be more profitable.