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PURPLE NITRILE Exam Gloves Powder-Free 252 mm Length Medium 50 Pair/Box
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Dental Supplies, Equipment & Tools

Whether you're a dentist, a dental hygienist, dental assistant, or a professional working in the dental industry, you know the struggles of looking for the best, most affordable dental supply company. Each month, thousands of dental professionals buy their supplies from various dental supply companies and struggle through the hassle of keeping track of their supply inventory.

At Supply Clinic, we believe that no one should waste their time and money on dental supply purchasing or management. As a result, we offer the ability to price compare dental supplies from a large and growing base of dental supply companies (both manufacturers and distributors), all on one single platform.

Dental professionals can save tremendous amounts of time and money and focus on what they love the most: providing stellar dental care to patients.

Online Dental Supplies

Transparent pricing for every practice
More and more dental practices and professionals buy dental supplies online for obvious reasons of convenience, time, and cost. However, it is paramount that dental professionals purchase from reliable and authorized distributor channels.

One main concern for many dentists is the ability to assess whether or not a product was intended for the US dental market. It is indeed extremely difficult and time-consuming to make sure that the anesthetics, impression materials, or dental cement are compliant with US regulations and intended for sale in the United States market.

Supply Clinic was created by a periodontist for dental professionals, and we understand more than anyone the importance of avoiding gray market supplies in your dental practice.

Dental Supply Companies

Professionals have a large choice of dental supply companies to choose from. The question becomes: which one and why?

The old fashioned supply companies are still operating on ancient models that rely on sales representatives visiting dental practices door-to-door. While a nice touch, this model has a tremendous cost that dental professionals - AKA you - ultimately pay for, in the form of higher dental supply prices!

The go-to alternative is to shop online... but if you’re serious about the ROI of your dental practice, and of course the safety of your patients, you know that you cannot buy from just any random dental supply company.

This yields the question… How can I shop for dental supplies online? Well… if the price of a given product is far lower than usual, proceed with caution! It can mean that the product came from the gray market and therefore should be avoided.

What about gray market supplies?

Rest assured that Supply Clinic takes this issue very seriously and we work extremely hard and rigorously to prevent any gray market dental supplies from appearing on the website. We verify that the supply chain for each product line is authorized, so you don’t have to. Supply Clinic was created to provide dentists with a one-stop shop for their quality dental supplies and equipment from authorized sellers. This is baked into our DNA as a company.

Orthodontic Supplies

Among many dental specialties, orthodontic supplies are one of the most popular types of dental supplies purchased online. If you are not already shopping online, you are most likely overpaying by 20 to 40%, and this is just as true for orthodontic supplies as it is for endodontic products or surgical instruments.

Supply Clinic hosts more orthodontic supplies than ever before, and we keep adding more every month. You can already find all your favorites brands such as The Orthodontic Store or Ortho Technology, and with many more dental supply companies to come soon!