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User Contract

Below is a summarized statement of each of the parties’ understandings, agreements, roles, and respective responsibilities with respect to your use of our Site. All capitalized terms used herein, but not specifically defined shall have the definitions assigned to them in the User Terms, which can be accessed here.

Signing up is simple: you fill out a simple signup page and are good to go! There are certain products which have restricted sales due to government regulations. For this reason, we ask for a dental license number. Please provide one, if applicable, to ensure that you will be able to purchase the supplies you need.

We have made the ordering process as simple as possible. You can browse all products listed in a number of ways and assemble a cart of supplies from multiple different vendors.

When you go to your cart and proceed to checkout, you may notice a shipping fee. This is calculated using a shipping cost calculator provided by UPS, which takes into account the products’ weight and dimensions as well as the distance between vendor and shipping address. We will also provide you with the appropriate tracking numbers for your supplies, so you will be able to monitor your order’s journey from the vendor(s) to the requested destination.

You may also notice a cost for sales tax, depending on what state you’re in. If you have any issues with that amount, you will unfortunately have to contact your state government.

Supply Clinic offers all customers a 14-day full return policy for unopened, damaged, expired, or otherwise unsatisfactory supplies. To return an order or part of an order, you simply need to visit your history page on Supply Clinic within 14 days of the time of delivery and follow the prompts regarding which products you’d like to return. You simply have to ship the products back to the vendor directly. To facilitate the return, we will provide you with a shipping label, which you will print out and put on the box. If it ends up that the label can’t be used for any reason, you’ll need to apply your own shipping label.

In order to make the vendors’ lives simple as well, our website makes the tracking numbers of the customers’ returns available to them. To facilitate this, you’ll need to confirm on our website when you shipped items for return. If you used the label we provided, then the rest of the work is taken care of. If you used your own label, you will need to provide all relevant tracking information.

If any issues persist or arise after the 14 day return period, we will put you directly in touch with the vendor so the two parties can come to an amicable agreement.

We offer you a chance to rate and review products and vendors once you have ordered from them. You agree to fill out these ratings and reviews as truthfully as possible and refrain from libel and profanity. We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to alter and/or remove ratings and reviews that we feel do not contain accurate or appropriate content.

There may be times when Supply Clinic offers you credit which can be applied to your next purchase. Using this credit is simple: you will have the option to cash out at any time, and will be given a coupon code. This code can be used upon checkout to save money.

We reserve the right to cancel an order. Should an item be clearly incorrectly labeled or another issue with the order arise.

We reserve the right to remove you from the site at any time, should the need arise.

Either party may terminate this agreement for any reason, provided that it gives the other party at least 14 days’ notice. If you or we violate the terms of this Agreement, it can be terminated sooner.

We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time, but will post the updated Terms least 30 days in advance to ensure that you have ample time to familiarize yourself with any and all updates or to terminate your Agreement with us.