Enterprise Suite

Tools for DSOs and Multi-Location Practices

A seamless procurement experience designed for multi-location healthcare practices and DSOs.

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Purchase dental and medical supplies
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Ensure budget and formulary compliance
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Access data reporting using a dedicated software platform
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Seamlessly integrated with Supply Clinic’s marketplace

Without a dedicated software tool, procurement and budgeting for multiple locations can be challenging for even the most organized DSO.

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Supply Clinic’s Enterprise Suite saves countless hours of staff time and unnecessary expenditures on mismanaged supply inventory.

Centralized Dashboard
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A modern, streamlined tool to manage procurement across your organization.
Budget Compliance
Entste splash budget compliance
A modern, streamlined tool to manage procurement across your organization.
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A modern, streamlined tool to manage procurement across your organization.
Data & Analytics
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A modern, streamlined tool to manage procurement across your organization.

Centralized Dashboard

A two-tier access system for the corporate administrator and practice location. Administrators can directly review each purchase order request prior to fulfilment.
  • Approve, modify, or reject Purchase Order Requests seamlessly
  • Effortlessly track orders as they are shipped and delivered
  • Purchase multiple products across different sellers in the same order
Centralized dashboard

Budget Compliance

With an approval system before orders are placed and clear data reporting afterward, the Enterprise Suite makes managing purchasing a breeze.
  • Satellite locations submit a Purchase Order Request
  • The administrator can approve, reject, or modify the request
  • Supply Clinic allows for both credit card and invoice purchasing
Budget compliance

Preferred Formulary List

Supply Clinic will help you upload and maintain all of your preferred products and make them easily accessible by your practices.
  • Administrators can restrict access to formulary products only or let the offices browse the entire Supply Clinic marketplace
  • Purchase Order Requests flag any off-Formulary item
  • Formulary compliance is measured and tracked for each location
Preferred formulary list

Data & Analytics

A personalized dashboard displays office purchase patterns and ordering behavior.
  • Track supply spend over time and against monthly budgets
  • Monitor Purchase Order Requests over time
  • View supply spend by product category and manufacturer
Data analytics

Are you spending more than a few seconds approving purchase orders?

No more time wasted using manual spreadsheets and handwritten processes.

Save time

With the Enterprise Suite, you’ll have the tools you need to manage supply purchasing for your growing organization.

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