230v Sensimatic™ 700SE Electrosurge

Manufacturer: Parkell | Manufacturing Code: D700SE-230



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Six different electrodes, Foot switch, Handpiece and cable, Indifferent plate and cable, Instructions for Use. Ready the minute you turn it on. The unit is 100% solid state, so there’s no waiting for a “warm up” before it’s ready to work. Features a safety Sentry Circuit that compares the output of the electrode to the control setting. If the output differs from the setting, the circuit safely deactivates the unit. Has 10 power settings and three modes of operation: CUT, CUT/COAG, and COAG to cover everything from crown and bridge procedures to fulguration. Has a radio frequency output that meets ANSI specifications. Has low-impedance circuitry to adjust power when cutting depth varies. Cutting efficiency remains constant even when an electrode penetrates into highly vascularized tissue. Features an operation light and audible tone to let you know when the unit is in use. Unit includes SIX different electrodes.

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Manufacturing Code:D700SE-230
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