2PRO Angle Soft/Short Purple (144)

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Prophy Angles - Color:Purple
Prophy Angles - Consistency:Soft
Prophy Angles - Type:Cup
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Saves time and money Comparably priced to other angles, yet when needed, you save time and money by removing the cup to clean remaining areas with 2pro’s gentle tip Provides total access 2pro’s unique 2-in-1 design guarantees total access to all tooth surfaces Runs smoothly and quietly Patented gearless design ensures quiet, smooth-running, vibration-free operation with less heat build-up Easier access to lingual areas Ergonomic 100˚ angle design offers comfort and convenience by reaching all areas of the mouth Latex free TRY 2PRO TODAY! Get Total Access! 2pro cleans and polishes all tooth surfaces with its unique cup and tip design! No added expense for tips or brushes!

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