30 Bladed Needle Shape Safe End Esthetic Trimming and Finishing Bur FT6

Brand:Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.
Manufacturer:Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.
Manufacturing Code:FT6
Lowest price:$32.00
Burs - Non-End Cutting:Non-End Cutting
Burs - Number:FT6
Burs - Shape:Needle
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Esthetic trimming and finishing burs are the ideal instrumentation for composite restorations. Shaped to ideally match the area of the tooth being restored and to provide the ideal straight line emergent profile of natural teeth. They are designed with a straight blade to improve control, tactile feel, cutting and finishing efficiency. Safe tip prevents over-cntouring and damage to the sub-gingival margin and tissue. Multiple blade design for ideal speed, control and finish.

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