Abrasive Polyester Strip, 2.5mm Thickness, Length 170mm, Box w/ 150 Pieces

Manufacturer: Microdont | Manufacturing Code: MU- 10302004

Manufacturing Code:MU- 10302004
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Finishing Strips - Grit:Medium/Fine
Finishing Strips - Length:170mm
Finishing Strips - Material:Polyester
Finishing Strips - Thickness:2.5mm
Finishing Strips - Width:2.5mm
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The Microdont USA polyester strips are presented in 3 packages w/ 50, 100 and 150 strips (gapped center). They can be used for a great polishing and finishing on the composite, and have at the same strip side abrasives w/ medium and fine grit. Also used for interproximal surfaces. Made in Brazil. Intended for professional use only.

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