Adper Single Bond Plus Adhesive Refill 6gm/Ea

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The use of innovative nanofiller technology contributes to higher performance and confidence. Adper Single Bond Plus total-etch adhesive is based on the clinically-proven Adper Single Bond Adhesive. As with the original Adper Single Bond adhesive, it contains the moisture-tolerant Vitrebond copolymer in a water/ethanol solvent. And, because it is ethnol-based, it won’t evaporate on the tooth. This adhesive also contains a highly-dispersed bonded nanofiller. Features and Benefits: • Excellent bonding to dentin and enamel • Doesn’t need shaking, nanofiller is stable and will not settle • Convenient bottle design allows easy opening and dispensing • Reduces the risk of post-operative sensitivity Intro Kit: 6 g Vial Adper Single Bond Plus, 2 x 3 ml Etchant Syringes, Etchant Tips, Mixing Wells, Brush Handle, Brush Tips

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