CDT 2019: Dental Procedure Codes

Manufacturer: American Dental Association | Manufacturing Code: J019

Manufacturer:American Dental Association
Manufacturing Code:J019
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CDT Codes are an essential tool for any dental practice, and everyone in the practice knows how important it is to use accurate CDT Codes to avoid rejected claims. But codes are used for more than claims reimbursement. Since each code consistently records a service that was delivered, practitioners can build a thorough history of patient visits and treatment plans. This documentation may also protect practitioners in case questions arise about treatment that was rendered.   The most up-to-date coding resource and the only HIPAA-recognized code set for dentistry, the CDT codes go into effect on January 1, 2019.   

Code changes include:

·        15 new codes

·        5 revised codes

·        4 deleted codes

CDT 2019 contains new and revised codes concerning:

·        Delivery of non-opioid drugs for pain management

·        Use of translation services

·        Measuring and documenting glucose levels just prior to a


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