ConFirm 10 In-Office Indicator

Manufacturer: Crosstex | Manufacturing Code: C10BI25

Manufacturing Code:C10BI25
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A breakthrough in biological monitoring... final results in just 10 hours! Easy to use and economical. Provides peace of mind!

Biological monitoring involves placing the ConFirm™ 10 vial which contains spore bacteria into a steam sterilizer, processing the load, removing the vial, crushing to activate the soy broth media, and placing it along with a control vial (unprocessed/activated), into the ConFirm 10 incubator for 10 hours and then read for results.

Simply process indicator in a normal steam sterilizer cycle at the end of the day. 
Activate indicator, place in the incubator, get results in 10 hours and record results in record book (included). 
If any spores survive the process, the indicator medium will turn yellow signifying a failed test.  
10 Hour results prevents potential release of non-sterile items.

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