Cool Jaw Econo White Wrap + 4 Clear Cold packs

Manufacturer: Medico International | Part #: T-807-4



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Econo Hands-Free Therapy Wrap and 4 Cold Packs, Bulk Packed (25/case).

White T-807 Econo Wrap with 4 Clear Cold Gel Packs


  • Facial Surgery
  • TMJ
  • Oral Surgery


  • Continuous poly-blend sleeve
  • Velcro closure for an adjustable fit
  • Lightweight

Cool Jaw Econo Wraps provide convenient, hands-free hot/cold therapy in an economical manner. The T-807 Econo Wrap is a continuous poly-blend sleeve that fully wraps around the head. Two rows of Velcro at the top of the head allow patients to easily adjust for the perfect fit. Insert gel packs into the sleeve then apply the wrap to the head/face.

Each jaw wrap is available with your choice of 2 or 4 gel packs. Purchase the four gel pack option to rotate packs between freezings. Traditional Clear Cold Gel Packs freeze solid and remain cold for over an hour. Meanwhile, our Hot / Cold Gel Packs remain pliable when frozen and can also be heated. Unlike ice, all of our gel packs are reusable; our wraps are machine washable.

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Brand:Cool Jaw
Manufacturer:Medico International
Manufacturing Code:T-807-4