Cybird XD Led Curing Light

Manufacturer:Halyard Health (formerly Kimberly-Clark)
Manufacturing Code:CYBIRD XD
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Hi-intensity Cybird XD LED Curing Light delivers time-saving, dual-mode 2,700mW/cm2 performance. The Cybird XD LED Curing Light combines market-leading engineering with unique design advancements that speed up your production and deliver consistent cures: High intensity output for rapid polymerization. Intuitive and simple controls for ease of use. Lightweight, easy to handle, and cordless! User-replaceable, long life Li-poly battery. At only 8 1/2" long, the Cybird XD features two curing modes for all CQ and TPO photoinitiators. High Power Mode: Provides a 2mm cure in five seconds for most bonding agents and resin-based composite curing. Plasma Emulation Mode: Rapid 2mm cure in one second. Ideal for ortho bonding and pediatrics or gag reflex issues. Four LEDs ensure consistent output. Removable, autoclavable "turbo" 8mm fiberoptic light guide concentrates power. Auto-sleep extends battery life. Slim, lightweight unit weighs 5.7 oz. and measures 8 1/2" long. Industrial-grade aluminum body adds durability and heat dissipation. Long-lasting, user-replaceable battery delivers 300 10-second curing cycles on a single two-hour charge. Built-in overheat protection module assures safe, flawless performance. Each system comes complete with light guide, charging base, two reusable snap-on tip shields, bonding shield and curing test block. One year manufacturer's warranty. Cybird XD Specifications :

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