Dry-Back 3-Ply Dental Bibs Lavender

Manufacturer: Medicom | Part #: 8380


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Dry-Back 3-Ply Dental Bibs Lavender Bx/500

Enhanced patient protection with additional layer of paper and plastic backing. Suitable for minor procedures, like cleanings, where extra protection is desired.


• Superior absorption and clothing protection with additional layer of paper and plastic backing.

• Excellent protection thanks to horizontal embossed pattern and a unique water-repellant edge.

• Many colour options to coordinate with Medicom® plastic cups.

Q: What does 2+1 poly and 3+1 poly mean on your Medicom DRY-BACK bibs?


2 ply = 2-ply, or layers, of paper and 1-ply, or layer of poly (plastic backing)

3 ply = 3 ply paper and 1 ply poly

Some competitors of Medicom claim 2-ply but it is really only 1-ply paper and 1-ply plastic.


Q: Why do the bibs include a feature like plastic backing?

A: Plastic backing increases tear-resistance and provides maximum protection against spill penetration


Q: What is the difference between Professional Towels and the Dental Bibs?

A: Professional Towels are all paper towels (no plastic backing) and used as a multi-purpose towel (wiping down countertops, hand towels and also as bibs). Dental Bibs (poly-back) are used to drape the patient. They have a plastic backing for extra protection of patient’s clothing.


Q: Are the dental bibs bio-degradable?

A:  Yes.  The paper part is bio-degradable, but the plastic is going to take longer to bio-degrade.


Q: Are the bibs latex free?

A: Yes they are latex free.

Item Details

Manufacturing Code:8380
Item - Color:Lavender
Item - Ply:3
Item - Size:13" X 18"

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