everStick Starter Kit

Manufacturer: GC America | Manufacturing Code: 900819

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Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:900819
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Quantity:1 Pkg
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Contains: One (8 cm) everStick C&B, 1 (8 cm) everStick PERIO, 2 (30cm) everStick NET, 5 everStick POST 1.2, 1 (5 mL) bottle of Stick RESIN, 1 (2 mL) syringe of G-├Žnial Universal Flo, 1 Stick REFIX D silicone instrument, 1 StickSTEPPER and 1 StickCARRIER ONLY. everStick fiber reinforcements are made of silanated glass fibers in thermoplastic polymer and light curing resin matrix. everStick products address the advantages of minimally invasive dentistry where the patient's own healthy tooth tissue is saved for as long as clinically possible. This also means that other treatment options remain available should the patient ever need them in the future.

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