Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Capsule A1 Refill, 0.2 G, 20/Bx

Manufacturer: 3M | Manufacturing Code: 6033A1

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Manufacturing Code:6033A1
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Composites / Resins - Delivery System:Capsule/Carpule
Composites / Resins - Shade:A1
Composites / Resins - Weight:0.2g
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Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable has enhanced properties that make it ideal for multiple indications. It retains its polish and wears better than other leading flowables. The same true nanotechnology used by Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative gives this flowable many advantages.

Features and Benefits:

• Excellent esthetics

• Unsurpassed polish retention

• Low wear

Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Restorative Introduction

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