Fissurotomy System Original 1.1 mm Short Shank

Manufacturer: SS White | Manufacturing Code: 18011

Brand:SS White
Manufacturer:SS White
Manufacturing Code:18011
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This unique carbide bur lets you explore, effectively diagnose suspect pit and fissure caries and treat them while preserving healthy tooth structure. The Fissurotomy bur tip is 0.33 mm and quickly cuts a smooth, minimally invasive groove into suspicious fissures in a single pass. The bur is designed as a depth gauge into the fissure prep. In 3-5 minutes the fissure cavity prep is cut, filled and finished. Features and Benefits: • Virtually pain-free • Effectively diagnose suspect pit and fissure caries • Tip measures 0.33 mm Diagnostic & Finishing Bur Kit: 3 Original Burs -> Fissurotomy Burs, 3 Fissurotomy Micro STF Burs, 3 Fissurotomy Micro NTF Burs, Autoclavable Bur Block, Trimming & Finishing Carbide Bur, FG, 1.8 x 1.8 mm Football 7406, Trimming & Finishing Carbide Bur, FG, 0.9 x 3.8 mm Needle 7901

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