Fusion Curing Light Pink

Manufacturer:Halyard Health (formerly Kimberly-Clark)
Manufacturing Code:7600080-P
Lowest price:$1,079.99
Curing Lights - Color:Pink
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Highly rated in a leading clinical study, the Fusion Curing Light generates a uniform beam profile peaking at 2700 mW/cm2. Its laser-like, focused-beam LED technology emits a wide 420-490nm spectrum to cure all composites in only five seconds, with depths matching that of plasma light. Timer settings of 5, 10 and 20 seconds with audible beeps every 5 seconds. Dual power mode enables switching between high power mode or half-power mode when heat needs to be minimized. 360 swivel light probe with low-profile 10mm tip allows for complete versatility. Long-lasting, rechargeable Li-ion battery provides nearly 500 5-second cycles on a single 90-minute charge. Slim, lightweight unit weighs only 4.1 oz. and measures 7 7/8" long, including tip. Anodized aluminum metal body ensures durability and excellent heat dissipation. Three-part modularized assembly allows for replacement of battery, light tip and control module separately, if necessary. Available in silver, blue, pink or gold, each unit is complete with a 10mm light tip, 9mm and 13mm curing caps, 3mm tacking tip, charging base with power adapter, snap-on orange light shield, 100 barrier sleeves and user guide. Two year manufacturer's warranty on handpiece. One year manufacturer's warranty on battery.

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