GC Fuji II LC CORE Material Powder Only

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Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:000182
Lowest price:$246.49
Quantity:1 Pkg
Core Materials - Cure Type:Light
Core Materials - Weight:45g
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Contains: One (35 g) bottle of powder ONLY. GC Fuji II LC CORE Material is a triple-cured, resin reinforced glass ionomer crown and core build-up material. This material is well suited for use as a base under composite resin and amalgam, or as a temporary restorative.

Light cures in 20 seconds
Blue shade
Contrasts tooth structure
Improves depth of cure
Excellent translucency

Toothlike coefficient of thermal expansion
Good marginal seal
Prevents microleakage

Chemically and mechanically bonds to tooth, forming a hybrid layer
Fluoride release

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