GC Fuji IX GP FAST Capsule Refill Package (48) - Shade A3.5

Manufacturer: GC America | Manufacturing Code: 425063

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Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:425063
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Contains: Quantity of 48 capsules of the same shade (0.14 mL per capsule) ONLY. GC Fuji IX GP FAST is the fast setting version of GC Fuji IX GP, a strong, wear-resistant multipurpose glass ionomer restorative. This product achieves its initial set in only 3 minutes and 35 seconds after mixing; final finishing can begin in only 3 minutes after placement. It's non-sticky, dough-like consistency and simple placement technique make minimal, invasive restorations a snap. It possesses all the benefits of a glass ionomer, with the additional advantages of packability and handling ease. The encapsulated GC Fuji IX GP FAST is available in 5 Vitaå¨ Shades.


Class I and Class II Restorations in deciduous teeth
Emergency or Intermediate Restorative (I.R.M.)
Long-term temporary (Posterior fillings)
Final restoration for non-stress areas
Core build-up and dentin substitute in Sandwich Technique
Initial set 3'35" from mixing (vs. 4'20" for original formula)M
Final finishing 3'00" after placement (vs. 6'00" for origninal formula)
Restorations can be completed more quickly
Saves chair time
Non-sticky, packable consistency
Easily packs into preparations
Will not pull away from preparation or stick to instruments
Easy to contour and shape

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