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Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:400011
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Posts - Type:Fiber
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Contains: One GRADIA CORE KIT [1 (10 mL; 20 g) cartridge, 1 Self-Etching Bond Liquid A (3 mL), 1 Self-Etching Bond Liquid B (1.5 mL), 20 GC Automix Tips for Endo, 20 extension tips, 25 micro-tip applicators, 1 applicator holder and 1 dispensing dish], 1 GC FIBER POST ASSORTMENT KIT [15 Posts - Diameter 1.2 mm (5 each), 1.4 mm (5 each) and 1.6 mm (5 each); 3 Drills - Diameter 1.2 mm (1 each), 1.4 mm (1 each) and 1.6 mm (1 each); Technique Card; IFU; 1 GRADIA CORE Dispenser Gun] and 1 GRADIA CORE Cartridge Dispenser. GC FIBER POST is designed to offer a low modulus of elasticity similar to dentin combined with high flexural strength. This combination of properties are superior to metal posts, which reduces the risk of stress transfer and root fractures; resulting in excellent fatigue resistance.

High strength
Low modulus of elasticity (similar to dentin)
Minimal dentin removal, due to tapered post design
Strong and intimate bond with GRADIA CORE
Aesthetic, with excellent light transmission
Biocompatible and non-corrosive

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