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Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:003651
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Contains: One (10 mL; 20 g) cartridge, 1 Self-Etching Bond Liquid A (3 mL), 1 Self-Etching Bond Liquid B (1.5 mL), 20 GC Automix Tips for Endo, 20 extension tips, 25 micro-tip applicators, 1 applicator holder and 1 dispensing dish. GRADIA CORE has a one-step, self-etching bonding system and easy mixing system, which results in a homogeneous mix of the two paste components. The components have an optimal consistency, long working time and rapid dual-cure. One product can be used for cementing the post and building up the core. Excellent physical properties combine with ease of use for a product that will meet all of your core building needs.

Modulus of elasticity is similar to dentin and GC FIBER POST
High flexural and compressive strength
The excellent flow prevents voids in the bonded post and core
High bond strength to enamel, dentin and GC FIBER POST
High microtensile strength
Rapid, deep dual-cure
Has cutting characteristics that are similar to dentin

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