HeliMEND 15mm x 20mm Sterile Collagen Membrane

Manufacturer: Integra Miltex | Manufacturing Code: 62-203

Manufacturer:Integra Miltex
Manufacturing Code:62-203
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Advanced absorbable collagen membranes are made from purified bovine tendon. These collagen products provide wound stabilization and create space during guided tissue regeneration procedures where a longer absorption rate is desired.

HeliMEND collagen membrane is absorbed within 8 weeks; while HeliMend Advanced collagen membrane is absorbed within 18 weeks. These products are easy to use and have excellent handling characteristics.

The membrane is very pliable and does not become slippery when hydrated, making it easier for clinicians to properly place the membrane over the defect.

Each membrane is supplied sterile and in an easy-to-open package.

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