Clearfil Majesty Flow Syringe - A2

Brand:Kuraray Dental
Manufacturer:Kuraray Dental
Manufacturing Code:KR-2611KA
Lowest price:$55.00
Quantity:1 Syringe + 15 Needle Tips
Composites / Resins - Delivery System:Syringe
Composites / Resins - Shade:A2
Composites / Resins - Weight:3.2g
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Clearfil Majesty Flow Syringe - A2; 1 x 3.2g syringe and 15 needle tips

CLEARFIL MAJESTY Flow is a flowable, superfilled, light-cure, radiopaque restorative composite resin with the filler particles treated with a proprietary new surface coating technology.

The resulting resin matrix is reinforced with an extremely high filler loading of 81wt%, a loading similar to many universal composite resins. In addition to the high filler loading, CLEARFIL MAJESTY Flow has a low viscosity for good handling and easy placement.

CLEARFIL MAJESTY Flow exhibits high mechanical properties (strength, wear resistance, durability), high radiopacity and very low polymerization shrinkage. These features make it a very versatile product with multiple uses including as a universal composite resin (e.g. Class I, II).

CLEARFIL MAJESTY Flow has excellent consistency (appropriate flowability, and not runny or sticky). Equally significant is the new CLEARFIL MAJESTY Flow dispenser, a new syringe that provides bubble free and controllable dispensing as well as dramatically easy handling.



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