LuxaCore Dual Automix Refill Kit - Blue shade

Manufacturer:DMG America
Manufacturing Code:212012
Lowest price:$183.05
Quantity:1 Kit
Core Materials - Cure Type:Dual
Core Materials - Shade:Blue
Core Materials - Weight:50g
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LuxaCore Dual Automix Refill Kit - Blue Shade, 212012.


- One 50gm Cartridge,
- 35 Automix Tips
- and 35 Intra-Oral Tips

LuxaCore Dual

A dual-curing composite for core build-ups

  • Cuts like dentin
  • Very high compressive strength
  • Dual Cure
  • Direct application with the intraoral-tips

Superior strength, flexible working time make it number one.

LuxaCore Dual remains a top-selling dual-cure core build-up material because no other product offers its combination of high compressive strength, workability, and convenience. With its 72% filler weight. it has excellent wear resistance and strength and it releases fluoride for the prevention of caries. It is also radiopaque.

Exceptionally workable and cuttable.

LuxaCore Dual dispenses at a workable viscosity that enables direct placement without slumping. Then, it cures to a hardness and consistency comparable to healthy dentin, for exceptionally easy and accurate cutting. LuxaCore Dual eliminates the need for layering and permits bulk fill. It’s also radiopaque and releases fluoride to help prevent secondary caries.

Choice of flexible curing options.

For maximum speed, you can light cure in as little as 20 seconds. Or, you can allow the material to self-cure for increased working time. The recommended dept of light cure is 2mm for 20 seconds and 4mm for 40 seconds. 

Either way, you get the workability, strength, and performance that makes Luxacore Dual a core material of choice.

Three different shades to meet your needs.

LuxaCore Dual is available in three shades: Natural (A3), for optimal esthetic results; Blue, which is easily distinguishable from tooth structure; and White, which provides the perfect balance of contrast and esthetics. 

The Automix delivery system ensures predictable, accurate, consistent and homogenous mix every time as well as preventing cross contamination.

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