Magic Floss - Oral Irrigator

Brand:Magic Smile Labs
Manufacturer:Magic Smile Labs
Manufacturing Code:MF-01-1
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"Magic Floss" is a non-invasive oral-care device for teeth cleaning. It uses natural, high water pressure to clean the surface of a tooth and takes out plaque from the gum pockets. It is an innovative oral irrigator type that gently and efficiently cleans your teeth and inter-dental spaces, 100% environmental friendly and safe to use. It doesn’t require power from any type and can be used by multiple family members.

By using strong, natural water stream, "Magic Floss" easily cleans the teeth by removing plaque and food particles from in between the teeth. Directed water stream massages the gums and increases the blood circulation around them.

Benefits of using "Magic Floss":

Easy access to hard to reach areas of the mouth and clean in between the teeth.
Easily removes the remains of the food between the teeth and lowers the risk of gum diseases.
Effectively removes plaque.
Doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain while using it or after.
Specially good for people who wear braces, have implants, bridges or partial dentures.
Helps to prevent tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis.
Fights bad breath, leaves mouth fresh and clean.

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