Maxcem Elite Chroma | Refill, Clear, 36300

Manufacturer: Kerr | Manufacturing Code: 36300

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Maxcem Elite Chroma is different than other cement, offering a Color Cleanup Indicator that makes it one of the smartest cements available. Maxcem Elite Chroma color indicator gradually fades from pink to cement shade at the gel state, telling you the optimal window of time to cleanup excess cement. The dual barrel automix syringe system is supplied with single-use automix tips and optional curved dispensing tips to allow user to deliver desired volume of cement directly into restoration and/or tooth preparation. It is compatible with indirect restorations, and a wide variety of substrates making it an easy choice for your customers.

Features and benefits of this product include:

• Color Cleanup Indicator

• Dual-Cure

• Enhanced Bond Strength

• Radiopaque

• Easy Storage

Bulk: 4 Dual Barrel Syringes, 16 Regular Automix Tips, 8 Wide Automix Tips, 8 Intraoral Tips Refill: 2 Dual Barrel Syringes, 8 Regular Automix Tips, 8 Wide Automix Tips, 8 Intraoral Tips

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