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MCT Membrane & Bone Block Fixation Kit

| Manu code: GBR-04


  • Used for the fixation of:
  • Membranes - Both non-resorbable and resorbable
  • Titanium mesh
  • Bone blocks
  • Kit includes:
  • 30 Screws
  • 12 Tacks
  • All insertion instrumentation
  • Tacs and Screws are made of FDA approved titanium
  • Tacs
  • Tacs are strong and will not bend or break under normal loading condition
  • Tac applicator firmly holds tacks in place, making tack transportation easy
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Only compatible with MCT drivers
  • Have a 2.5mm Head Diameter
  • Available in 2 lengths
  • 3.5mm Length
  • 4.5mm Length
  • Screws
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Only compatible with MCT drivers
  • Available in 5 diameters
  • 1.2mm Diameter
  • 1.4mm Diameter
  • 1.6mm Diameter
  • 1.8mm Diameter
  • 2.0mm Diamter
  • Available in 6 Lengths
  • 4mm Length
  • 6mm Length
  • 7mm Length
  • 8mm Length
  • 10mm Length
  • 12mm Length
  • A measurement scale is implemented on the tack and screw organizer to help determine screw lengths
  • 30 Screws are included as well as 12 tacks which makes this kit flexible
  • Standard kit components consists of:
  • (12) 4.5mm Length Tacs
  • (5) 1.2mm x 3mm Screws
  • (5) 1.2mm x 4mm Screws
  • (5) 1.4mm x 4mm Screws
  • (5) 1.6mm x 8mm Screws
  • (5) 1.6mm x 10mm Screws
  • (5) 1.8mm x 10mm Screws


    Manufacturing Code:GBR-04
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