Miracle Mix Powder - Liquid Kit

Manufacturer: GC America | Manufacturing Code: 239

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Brand:GC America
Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:239
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Core Materials - Cure Type:Self
Core Materials - Weight:15g
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Contains: One (15 g) powder, 1 (10 g) liquid and 1 (17 g) alloy powder ONLY. Miracle Mix offers the proven formula of glass ionomer cement with 100% fine, silver alloy powder for lasting core build-ups, block-outs and repair.

Strong direct bond
No undercuts, fewer pins
Will not chip or flake when trimmed or cut
Simple technique
4 minutes set to finish
High fluoride release
Reduces secondary decay
Will not stain or discolor surrounding teeth
Easily distinguishable from the tooth structure
Shrinks and expands like the tooth structure
"No-mess" capsules or powder-liquid

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