Dental Sickle Scaler | Jacquette, JAC 31/32

Manufacturing Code:2LSJAC31-32
Lowest price:$29.95
Hand Scalers - Type:Jaquette
Scalers - Number:JAC31/32
Scalers - Region:Posterior
Scalers - Type:Jacquette
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Dental Sickle Scaler, Ergonomic and Autoclavable Silicone Handle Instrument, Jacquette, JAC 31-32. These Scalers are very effective for tight proximal surfaces, removal of supragingival calculus for all tooth surface and the edge of the gum. Also used for removal of filling and cement excesses. The handle is coated, pressure-sensitive silicone and provides unique tactile sensitivity, control and color identification. JAC 31-32, Posterior (Jacquette), American Style. Hollow Handle.

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