Point Abrasive Silicon Point, ISO/FIG 257, Diameter 4, Head Length 7, Length 24mm, Extra Fine Grain, Amalgam, Brown

Manufacturing Code:MU- 10204002
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Amalgam and Gold Polishers - Color:Brown
Amalgam and Gold Polishers - Shank Type:Latch-Type
Amalgam and Gold Polishers - Shape:Point
Amalgam and Gold Polishers - Step:1st
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The Microdont USA abrasive silicon color code procedure: brown: for pre-polishing of all kind of metals. Green: for a fast polishing of amalgam and gold. Leaves a pre-finished surface. Blue: for finishing. Leaves a “very shining surface” on amalgam, precious and semiprecious metals. Beige: ultra fine, for a maximum polishing of amalgam, composites, enamel and gold. Available in three shapes, point, cup and knife edge. Made in Brazil. Intended for professional use only.

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