Riva Star - Silver Diamine Fluoride Desensitizer

Manufacturer: Southern Dental Industries | Part #: 8800504


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Riva Star Tooth Desensitizing Agent and Cavity Cleanser from SDI contains 3 powerful components; Silver, Iodine & Fluoride. Together these have a powerful effect to provide instantaneous relief to hypersensitivity.

A great option for clinicians practicing Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID) as it conditions dentine and may assist tooth preservation. It’s also an effective biofilm inhibitor and can increase bond strengths of GIC’s when pre-treating tooth surfaces.

Kit contains: 10 silver iodide capsules (step 1), 10 Riva Green capsules (step 2), 20 micro brushes, 2x1g syringes of gum protective resin, 10 applicators, instructions.

Features of the SDI Riva 3 Component Kit:

Tooth desensitizing agent and cavity cleaner. Riva Star uses a triple action approach to reduce dental sensitivity, achieving an instant effect.
It has the action of fluoride and silver iodide as well as the patented reinforcement effect of potassium iodide to block the dentinal tubules where patient sensitivity starts.
This powerful combination provides the necessary relief for hypersensitive teeth, as well as offering antibacterial activity by forming a layer of low precipitation that creates an efficient inhibitory biofilm layer.
Minimally invasive, it conditions the dentine and helps to preserve the teeth and patient wellbeing.
In addition to being a restorative process, the increase in the bonding resistances of the GIC with tooth surface pretreatment with Riva Star is an excellent way of improving the union of glass ionomers on dentine.
For use in adults over 21.

Item Details

Brand:Riva Star
Manufacturer:Southern Dental Industries
Manufacturing Code:8800504
Quantity:1 Kit

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