Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches, 2.25 x 4 inches

Manufacturer: Mydent International (DEFEND) | Manufacturing Code: SP-0150



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Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches, 2.25" x 4", Bx/200



Written by Safe-Dent Enterprises


  • Built in Internal Indicator / and External Indicators
  • Compatible with Steam and EO sterilization
  • Meets the ISO 11140 standard for Class 1 process indicators and 11607 standard for pouch performance
  • Large, Lead Free Ink Indicators
  • Internal indicators ensure correct temperature is reached for proper sterilization
  • Wide Self Sealing Adhesive Tape
  • Perforated Fold helps form an airtight seal for storage
  • Easy Opening Thumb Notch
  • Strong medical grade paper  meets all medical pouch standards
  • Triple heat-sealed plastic, prevents tearing ,ensures tight seal
  • Strong plastic film , puncture resistant
  • Tinted  plastic provides easy viewing of instruments
  • Sealed corners  prevents curling after sterilization and prevents collection of any contaminates
  • Color Coded  for Rapid Reorder


  • Store at humidity levels below 70% and at room temperature between 60˚-86˚F
  • Protect from Light
  • Sterilized instruments are valid for  up to 6 months  from date of sterilization in a cool, dry environment


  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all dental professionals monitor their sterilization procedures to meet exposures to all 3 parameters of sterilization:  time, temperature and presence of steam.  This will ensure effective sterilization
  • Pouches are for SINGLE USE ONLY.  Do Not Reuse
  • Normal steam temperatures ranging from 250F – 270F for a maximum of 30 minutes
  • Normal steam temperatures from 320F-374F for 2-8 seconds
  • Sterilizers should be checked periodically for correct time, temperature and pressure
  • Do not use any pouch that is punctured


  • Place instrument inside the pouch
  • Expel any excess air by carefully pressing the pouch outwards, towards the open end.
  • Remove  the paper tape over the adhesive strip, and follow the directions.
  • Seal the pouch by folding on perforation line  from center outwards.
  • Place sealed pouches flat in the sterilizer. Be sure to check and calibrate sterilizers periodically
  • Do not overcrowd the pouches
  • Do not overfill the pouches
  • Allow pouches to cool in the sterilizer 5-10 minutes after cycle is completed
  • To facilitate cooling, open door slightly (follow sterilizer manufacturer’s directions)
  • Open sterilized pouch at the top “thumb notch” pulling the  plastic downwards.

Bursting Pouches: 

  • Air was not completely expelled before sealing the pouch
  • Check air trap jet is clean in steam sterilizers
  • Improper cycle used for sterilization
  • Pouches were overfilled

Pouches stick together after sterilization

  • Improper sterilization temperature used
  • Folded bags were placed in sterilizer

Pouches become brittle or crack

  • Pouch was used more than once
  • Improper temperature and/or time cycle

Moisture in Pouches

  • Pouch removal before the cycle was completed
  • Improper drying cycle after steam sterilization.
  • Small condensation present. This will dissipate within 5-10 minutes

Item Details

Manufacturer:Mydent International (DEFEND)
Manufacturing Code:SP-0150
Item - Size:2.25" X 4"



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