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Shofu Fl-Bond II Adhesive System, FL-Bond II Complete Set

| Manu code: 1306


Self-etching fluoride releasing bonding system

FL-Bond II is a self-etching fluoride releasing two-step adhesive system which features an excellent bond to both enamel and dentine and provides a secure marginal seal. The system is characterised by its excellent handling and enhanced biocompatible properties. The moderately viscous consistency of FL-Bond II allows a convenient application and is particularly stable with sloping cavity walls. This guarantees an even film thickness at all preparation surfaces and a stable bond strength.


Adhesive bonding of any composite to tooth structure
Pre-treatment of the tooth structure prior to the application of resin cements
Repair of restorations


Simple and quick 2-step handling
Optimal viscosity and adhesion
Radiopacity for accurate diagnostics
Fluoride release and recharge
Durable bonding strengths


Step 1: Priming: The FL-Bond II Primer contains a new effective adhesive promoting monomer and a new photo initiator. The self-etching Primer prepares the enamel and dentine surfaces while eliminating the need for separate etching with phosphoric acid.
Step 2: Bonding: The FL-Bond II Bonding Agent incorporates fluoride containing S-PRG fillers (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass-ionomer) which offer a permanently available protection against secondary caries by an optimised remineralisation of the adjacent hard tooth structure. Because of its high filler loading FL-Bond II provides exceptional resistance against abrasion and effectively avoids a marginal washout along with durable sealing.

The adhesive etching agent FL-Bond II Etchant is especially suited for etching before the use of self-etching bonding systems on enamel; it only contains approximately 7% phosphoric acid.


Manufacturer:Shofu Dental Corp.
Manufacturing Code:1306
Quantity:1 kit
Item - Etch Type:Self

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