The Light 405

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Brand:The Light
Manufacturer:GC America
Manufacturing Code:402405
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Quantity:1 Pkg
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-One handpiece,
-1 charger,
-1 battery,
-1 user manual
-and 1 box of 100 disposable covers ONLY. 

The Light 405 operates from 405 nm - 490 nm to meet all standard light curing needs. Its light intensity per mode is: High (up to 1500 mW/cm2), Low (up to 650 mW/cm2), Soft Start (up to 1500 mW/cm2) and Pulse (up to 1500 mW/cm2).

It is processor controlled for constant light power regardless of the charge level. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery has no memory effect, can be fully charged in 180 minutes, and will last for 500 10-second cycles on high mode, or 1,000 10-second cycles on low mode.

The Light 405 includes a dual wavelength processor designed to meet all standard operatory light curing needs, including that of our new product, OPTIGLAZE Color.

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