The Simple One Chair Side Amalgam Separator

Manufacturer: Duel and Assoc. | Part #: DD2011


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Become environmentally compliant today with The Simple One® chair side amalgam separator. The DD2011 disposable chairside amalgam separation system has been tested and passed the ISO 11143 protocol [ISO l 1143:2008(E)]. The DD2011 Chair side amalgam filters help prevent waste sludge in main vacuum lines and prolongs the life of the facilities vacuum system lines. It filters out your amalgam before it gets into the lines that run from each chair in your office to your central suction system where your central filter is located now. Each line that runs from your chair to the central system can become clogged with amalgam and suction is reduced. The filter mounted chair side reduces the need to clean your lines of amalgam from the chair to the central suction system saving the cost of cleaning that hazardous amalgam from the lines or even worse the cost of replacing the lines and the down time while its done. The life expectancy of the filter varies somewhere between 6—9 months depending on the amount of use per chair. Very Hygienic 100% self contained filter. Dimension of the amalgam separator 8 1/2 " length and 3 3/4 " in diameter.

Used by the United States Army & Navy

100% self-contained separator
Quick, chair side installation, easy to maintain
Quick and hygienic replacement – no more cleaning filters
Connects right into your existing suction system
Eliminates the build up of hazardous mercury in the suction lines from the chairs to the central suction system
ISO certified and 99.6% efficient in clinical testing
Recycling service available

Note: Mounting brackets are not included

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Brand:Duel and Assoc.
Manufacturer:Duel and Assoc.
Manufacturing Code:DD2011