Universal Silicone Polishers for Porcelain, Metals, Synthetic Materials, Cement, Amalgam, and Acrylic W7

Manufacturer: Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc. | Manufacturing Code: W7

Brand:Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.
Manufacturer:Strauss Diamond Instruments Inc.
Manufacturing Code:W7
Lowest price:$16.50
Porcelain and Metal Polishers - Color:White
Porcelain and Metal Polishers - Grit:Medium
Porcelain and Metal Polishers - Shank Type:Latch Type
Porcelain and Metal Polishers - Shape:Cup
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Strauss Diamond Universal Silicone polishers are used for restoration materials such as porcelain, precious metals, synthetic materials, cement, amalgam and acrylic.

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