A Brief Intro

March 09, 2015

It’s about time I introduce myself. I’m Scott, the other co-founding half of this Supply Clinic team. I am the dental half, the slightly older half. Old is relative, however. I am 26 years old and not quite two years out of dental school. I graduated from Penn Dental in 2013, and have since been training in Periodontics here in Chicago. I treat patients during normal clinic hours, and work on Supply Clinic when outside my clinical setting.

Balancing clinical work and running a startup may seem outwardly overwhelming, but actually things are quite simple. Our team is outstanding. My brother Jacob is quite possibly the most driven individual I know, and continues to push us forward on several fronts. Dan is our developer who has by and large built out the software for our platform. Lately, Dan has been rapidly implementing changes brought about by all of the valuable beta testing feedback we have received over the course of the past month. And lastly we have Kate, whose focus and patience when interacting with vendors and customers is truly a virtue to admire.

We have reached very exciting milestones during the month of February. We have signed a couple dozen vendors, added thousands of items to our ever-growing ‘inventory’, and have received invaluable feedback from our beta testers. What was once just a concept has already materialized into a marketplace on which real transactions have taken place. It’s actually somewhat mind-blowing. We also moved to our new workspace, MATTER, which is a workspace devoted to companies involved in health tech and life sciences. It is a surreal space in which the best and the brightest minds in medicine and business come to learn, play, and advise their colleagues. We are extremely optimistic about our venture, and are fortunate to have a host of insightful individuals advising us.


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