A Brief Look Back at 2015

January 03, 2016

2015 has been an incredible year for Supply Clinic. One year ago today, we were in the process of converting an idea into a website. If you visited supplyclinic.com then, you would have seen something resembling this:

Image title

Needless to say, we’ve made a few minor tweaks since then.

In January 2015, our site went live, with the first real orders and payments being processed. We remained in closed beta mode for several months, to work out any kinks and build up our site.

In February, we left 1871, Chicago’s biggest startup co-working space, and moved down the hall in the Merchandise Mart to MATTER, a similar space focused on companies tackling healthcare problems. MATTER has given us access to incredible resources and exposure to mentors and fellow entrepreneurs who’ve already helped us tremendously. On weekends and slow days, MATTER looks something like this:

Image title

We opened our site up to all users in late June. We first started getting out the word at the CDA conference in San Francisco in August, the ADA conference in DC in November, and the Greater New York conference in December.

Image title

Scott talking about Supply Clinic at the CDA conference

Greater NY Conference

Scott, the Schnecks, and myself at the Greater New York conference

Thanks in part to those conferences, we’ve dramatically increased the number of vendors we have listed and doubled the number of dental supplies offered for sale. At the start of 2016, we offer just over 15,000 items and 70 signed vendors who either have their products listed or will in short order. We've got everything from bibs to gloves to burs to instruments, and so much more.

2016 is already shaping up to be an even bigger year. With a number of distributors and manufacturers eager to list, we plan to triple the number of items offered on the site. We’ve begun working on a number of interface improvements, the first of which will be implemented later this month. Soon, you’ll be able to browse the site catalog-style (that is, if catalogs were stylish and had a search function). Ultimately, users and vendors alike can look forward to more expansive dashboards with inventory management tools.

In the meantime, we’re doing everything from our end to constantly improve the site and add more products. If you like what you see, spread the word! Tell your colleagues about Supply Clinic, and have them check it out. Not only will they save, you’ll receive $20 credit for each successful referral.

We’ll see you at Yankee or Midwinter!

Here’s to 2016,


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