Creating the Perfect Takeaway Bag: the Dental Products Patients Want

April 12, 2022

Every interaction your dental practice has with a patient is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. The small details matter and add up over time. Patients notice when a dentist takes time to explain procedures and answer questions, or when office staff is friendly and helpful while dealing with insurance claims.

One small but memorable way your practice can make patients feel cared for is to create the perfect takeaway bag for each visit. Fill the bag with practical, well-made products that patients will actually use and appreciate, and you will leave them with a positive impression until their next appointment.

Here are a few key items that contribute to a thoughtful takeaway bag:

Branded Toothbrush

A toothbrush with your practice’s name and contact information on it encourages good dental hygiene and serves as a subtle form of marketing. A patient will use this toothbrush every day for several months, so choose a high-quality brand and model, and include extra toothpaste.

Dental Floss

Reinforce the importance of flossing every day by adding a pack or two of dental floss to the takeaway bag. When you make it easy for patients to start a new habit, they will be more likely to continue it over time.

Helpful Information

Your patients already understand the importance of dental health, but many may postpone doing the things they know they should do — like flossing daily or scheduling regular cleanings and more complex procedures.

Strive to educate and support your patients without adding unnecessary guilt or judgment. Add a simple brochure that offers an overview of the information you most want them to retain: the most effective ways to brush and floss, how frequently they should schedule appointments, descriptions of common dental procedures, etc. The more informed your patients, the easier it is for you to do your job.   


Make it customary for your patients to leave with a copy of their most recent dental X-rays after each appointment. Provide a digital file or a printed high-res hard copy for them to add to their medical records at home.  

Specials and Discounts

Show patients you value their business, and create incentives for their loyalty and referrals. Offer a discount or extra service for patients who book their next appointment within a certain timeframe. You can include a postcard that has a scannable QR code to easily apply the discount online.

Establish a referral program to help expand your practice with word-of-mouth marketing. Use a software platform that creates a referral code for every patient. When one of their friends or relatives uses the code to book an appointment, you can offer the patient a discount on their bill, a free service, or other incentives. You can also consider asking patients to write Yelp and Google reviews, rewarding those who email or show you their posts.

Fun Extras

Don’t be afraid to add a few just-for-fun items to takeaway bags, especially for your younger patients. You can include coloring books, 3D illusion books, small toys, brushing timers, and other prizes for kids, and branded merchandise like keychains, water bottles, or T-shirts for adults. For branded merchandise, work with a team of marketers and designers to create professional, high-quality items that help elevate your practice’s image.

A well-crafted takeaway bag can make your patients feel welcomed and appreciated. Experiment with different items, ask for patient feedback and keep bags packed and well-stocked.

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