Discussing My Entrepreneurial Path

May 23, 2016

Last week, my colleague and close friend Tiger Safarov interviewed me for his video podcast series Dentistry Unveiled. Tiger is not a dentist, rather a dental entrepreneur who moved into the dental space via construction.  An immigrant from Russia, Tiger finished his Bachelor’s degree at Illinois Institute of Technology and founded Siegel Construction. He spent the better part of a decade growing Siegel into the dental office design and construction company it is today.

Recently, Tiger has shifted gears and entered the dental entrepreneurial space outright. One of his ventures, is ZenSupplies an online inventory management system, aimed to organize the supply world inside the office (zensupplies.com). Another venture is Dentistry Unveiled, is a project that aims to learn the personal stories of some of the most successful dentists (I’m honored he decided to interview me!). In this video series, Tiger attempts to uncover what drives and motivates dentists each day to do what they do. He breaks down their personal paths to success, and makes a point of asking thought-provoking questions to get unconventional answers. Tiger’s goal is to truly understand “why dentistry?” and analyze exactly what it is that each dentist is passionate about, both professionally and personally.

It was an honor to be hosted by Tiger on the fifth episode of Dentistry Unveiled. It is definitively intimidating walking onto a set with a camera crew, getting hooked up to a mic and having several lights and cameras all pointed at you. Tiger did a wonderful job of keeping conversation flow and prompting me with the right questions to hear my story. 

The video is available here.

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