Featured Dentist: Konstantin Gromov

December 03, 2015

Supply Clinic has found a unique niche in the dental supply marketplace; we’ve made ourselves accessible to global dental supply and instrument manufacturers. Many high-end dental manufacturers are itching to gain access to the American market, and in many cases we are providing them with the platform to do just that.

We have none other than my friend Dr. Konstantin Gromov to thank for first leading us down this path. Konstantin has the uncanny ability to make connections, both didactically and strategically. After all, he was dual trained in Periodontics and Prosthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania – his profound interdisciplinary knowledge base allows him to treat the most complex of cases.

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Konstantin took a bit of an unconventional path to get to where he is today. He graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy of Dentistry in 1999, and shortly thereafter completed his clinical residency in dental surgery.

 “While in school in Russia I got a very solid foundation in the sciences, but for better or worse most of my clinical skills were actually developed through practice, CE, and interaction with US specialists visiting to lecture. I was blessed with the opportunity to work in the Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry in Moscow, where I learned technique that was light years ahead of general offices in my area.”

Konstantin developed his surgical skills (specifically in implant dentistry) in an era that could be considered a Renaissance of the art of the dental implant. Dental surgeons were little by little perfecting their techniques while implant manufacturers were sponsoring trial after trial to figure out best implant design, metal alloy, and surface treatment. One could argue we may very well still be in this era.

Early on, Konstantin was exposed to leaders in the field: “I was blessed to have met Dr. Jack Hahn, one of the pioneers of implant dentistry,”Konstantin recounts. Dr. Hahn was involved in developing and running clinical trials for Nobel Biocare implants, and has singlehandedly shed light on the nuance of the dental implant. “I think Dr. Hahn is very possibly one of the most influential people in my career and in my life.”

At several conferences in Moscow, Konstantin also had the opportunity to interact with another mentor, Dr. Maurice Salama from “Team Atlanta,” an Atlanta-based clinician who was (and still is) constantly pushing forward the world of periodontics. He and his team have emphasized continuing education and learning technique from colleagues with their website dentalxp. In fact, he was dual trained in Periodontics and Orthodontics, and his brother - and work partner - was dual trained in Periodontics and Prosthodontics (also at Penn).

“I was completely blown away by the way he lectured, the quality of the material and his delivery. Dr. Salama told me about his Penn dual specialty training and my decision was made. I was lucky enough to be accepted to the postgraduate program at Penn and to graduate last year after four very extensive years.”

After nearly 10 years of private practice in Russia and some encouragement from Drs. Hahn and Salama, Konstantin packed his bags to get dual trained at the Penn Perio-Prosth combined program. Since then, Konstantin has actually had the honor of sharing a lecture podium with Dr. Salama.  “I’m very grateful to all my mentors at Penn. I would never be where I am without their support and wisdom.”

“At some point you learn to trust your instincts and intuition. Although doing well professionally, socially, and financially, I still had an urge to move forward in my life.”

During his career, Konstantin has had the privilege of working with about a dozen implant systems. “There are a lot of various properties and features about different implants to enjoy, but also to be cautious about,” suggests Konstantin.

“Despite the progress there’s still too much dogma in the industry. One must use his/her own judgment based on knowledge, clinical experience and common sense. Quite a few ‘rules’ from the past are simply not true and were rather empirical.” 

Since moving to Chicago after residency, Konstantin has helped connect Supply Clinic to a more global community. We are proud to host products from LM Dentalthe Scandinavian market leader and fastest-growing European manufacturer of dental instruments. Based in Norway, LM Dental prides itself on its ergonomically designed hand instruments.

Supply Clinic is also now home to a line of Kuraray products; Kuraray is a Japanese manufacturer of world-leading products in composites, bonding agents, and cements. In fact, they have generously offered free samples to Supply Clinic customers through participating dealers.

Konstantin, aside from having immense industry foresight and being on the cutting edge of clinical practice, is now using Supply Clinic to save on supplies for his office in Glenview, IL.  We are lucky to have Konstantin’s industry knowledge, and his patients are so lucky to have his clinical expertise. His bio can be found here

“Having the opportunity to restart my life from scratch has been a blessing. In the past year I have relocated to Chicago, my wife has given birth to my beautiful baby girl, and I was lucky enough to find my mentor Dr. Vlad Reznikov.  Dr. Reznikov has helped introduce me to the local professional community rather quickly.”

In addition to working at his primary office in Glenview, limited to Periodontics & Implant Dentisry, Konstantin started working in the South Loop area in Chicago.

Konstantin is truly an innovator, and will continue to push the field of dentistry forward as technology opens doors that never previously existed.  

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