Leaving Closed Beta

June 12, 2015

We’re excited to announce that Supply Clinic will be exiting its closed beta next week! In short order, any interested user can simply create an account and start buying supplies.

Supply Clinic, in its simplest form, is a marketplace through which dentists and clinicians can buy dental supplies. Users can compare products by price, reviews, and vendors, and make the most informed purchasing decision possible. The site is simple, clean, and intuitive, cutting through the clutter that all too often invades every aspect of the healthcare industry.

If you’ve tried to purchase dental supplies online before, you’ve likely encountered graphics that predate the Bush administration. If you haven’t tried to buy supplies online, you’re likely overpaying. We cut through the clutter, with the most user-friendly interface in the industry to bring our customers the products they love along with the savings they deserve. Our development team is constantly working to improve both the appearance and the internal workflow of the site, ensuring that it operates optimally for all users, customers and vendors alike.


The question you’ve no doubt been wondering is what you can do to help. The answer is simple—check out our site! Go on, buy that box of toothbrushes you know you need. And give us feedback! We need to know if a page looks ugly, or a link doesn’t work, or we don’t have this fancy toothpaste that you love for a reasonable price. And once you’ve received your order, rate and review both the products and the vendors.

By rating and reviewing, our customers have the ability to give back to the community by providing crucial feedback. If a particular instrument doesn’t work as advertised, we all want to know. If a vendor fills and ships orders immediately, we all want to know. If our site isn’t as easy to use as we at the office think, we want to know that too.

So go visit supplyclinic.com, tool around, buy thousands of dollars’ worth of products, and let us know how you found the experience! We couldn’t have gotten this far without the honest feedback of our beta testers, and we can’t create the experience you deserve unless you let us know what features exactly need some TLC. We look forward to hearing from you!

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