Multi-location Office Saves Time & Money with Supply Clinic

June 02, 2021

For Camp Smile, a full-service pediatric dental practice with three locations in Minnesota, keeping clinics stocked with the right supplies was often a costly and time-consuming task.

In the past, administrative staff had to track complex inventory for all three offices, meeting the specific preferences of different dentists and orthodontists, while also keeping expenses low. Buying in bulk would have saved the practice money, but storage space was limited, and price-comparing across many suppliers was too time-consuming to be a long-term option. Camp Smile team members were looking for a reliable and affordable supply solution where they could easily search, find, and reorder their favorite products.


Camp Smile uses a Supply Clinic account for all three of its offices, allowing staff to seamlessly find the best available prices, submit orders, and keep inventory up to date. Multiple team members can manage supplies and place orders without redundancy, saving them time and headaches. Because Supply Clinic is a comprehensive online marketplace, they can compare products and prices to maximize savings for each location.

“Supply Clinic is very user-friendly and saves us so much time,” said Laurie Potz, Office Coordinator at Camp Smile. “I love that when I go to add a product to the cart, there's a feature on the website that automatically looks for better deals. It will say, ‘You can save $X by buying this product from another retailer,’ and that saves us money without me having to put any more effort into it. It also compares shipping speed, which is another advantage when stocking up on inventory. We're really happy with Supply Clinic, and we're going to keep using it.”


Camp Smile now saves five hours each week by ordering 60% to 70% of their supplies from Supply Clinic. Camp Smile’s team also recommends Supply Clinic for the following benefits:

  • Effortless product searches by keyword, manufacturing number, or product category
  • Searchable order history for simple reordering and returns
  • Helpful and responsive customer service
  • Regular emails with notifications about hard-to-find PPE currently in stock (including gloves, masks, and gowns)

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