Online Purchasing: How to Avoid “Gray-Market” Dental Products

September 05, 2019

The Aegis Dental Network has published an article co-authored by Dr. Scott Drucker DMD (co-founder of Supply Clinic) and Shawn Gregg (3M Oral Care US Business Director) about the importance of avoiding gray-market dental products. The article explains the potential harm that gray-market products pose, and outlines what practitioners can do to prevent the unwitting purchase of such unauthorized products online. 


Supply Clinic is proud to work closely with authorized distributors and manufacturers alike to protect against gray-market materials. Supply Clinic verifies the supply chain of products listed on its website so that practitioners can rest assured they buy through authorized channels. Supply Clinic is first and foremost focused on patient safety. 


"The ongoing shift away from traditional full-service dental supply distributors and toward nontraditional online sources comes with both opportunities and risks. Online sources often allow for potential savings and increased efficiency but also necessitate that dental professionals understand how to navigate the procurement of legitimate products sold through an authorized and secure supply chain. Awareness and a healthy suspicion of the gray market are crucial for optimal product use and dental care."


Read the full article on the Aegis website here.

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